Latest News: 2016-04-22

Updated license to GPLv3; update to GitHub repository due to Google Code shutdown.
Btw. I liked Google Code :-(

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What is The OSDaB Project?

The OSDaB Project is a collection of (hopefully) useful C++ and Qt code snippets, tips, tricks and whatever could be useful for software developers.
All the source code available from this website is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or later. Exceptions will be stated explicitly and no closed source or proprietary software will be allowed.

Please visit the project page on Google Code for older releases, wiki, issue tracking and SVN repository.
Since Google Code has been shut down, the source code has been exported to GitHub .
A new website is planned but lack of free time is currently preventing its launch, so stand-by and hope time-manipulation devices will be invented soon.



Contribute or donate

Please feel free to send any comment or suggestion or new tips, tricks and code snippets.
Please remember that only open source code C/C++/Qt will be published.

If the code or tips in this website have been useful for you or if you have been using them in your project, please consider a small donation.
Even a couple of bucks for a beer would be a nice and very appreciated deed ;-)

Also remember that the code is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v.3 or later unless otherwise stated.
For commercial licenses please contact me at the e-mail address above.

Some history

The OSDaB Project was born in 2005 as a quite different project.
The goal was to write a series of collection managers. Movida, a movie collection manager, is the first and only application written for the old version of the project.

The old OSDaB Project website contained a "Developer's Corner" section with code snippets and tips that came up during the development on Movida. The Developer's Corner has now taken full control of the website and project :)

Development on Movida is currently on hold. For a dive in the past visit