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Updated license to GPLv3; update to GitHub repository due to Google Code shutdown.
Btw. I liked Google Code :-(


Minor updates in the UnZip class.


Bug fix in the Zip class (x64 Linux only).


Important bug fix in the Zip class.


Important bug fix in the Zip class.


Added new important features to the Zip class.


Zip/Unzip project page update to reflect recent major changes.


Snippets are back.
Sorry but there has been some text encoding problem and snippets failed to load.


SVN is finally up.
Info, SVN browser and more: http://code.google.com/p/osdab/source/checkout


Project moved to Google Code.
File releases are no longer on sf.net servers and a SVN repository will soon be available.
Please report any broken links and bear with us.


New snippet: Qt Icon Engine plugin for compressed SVG files
New tip: compressing and decompressing GZip streams with Qt.


A completely new version of the RatingLabel widget has been uploaded. Check it out as there are lots of news.


The sf.net shell is working again so I could update the changelog for the XmlWriter class. A new version has been uploaded some time ago with some build issues with GCC solved. The XmlPreferences example application has been updated with the new XmlWriter.


Zip class update. A new compression option flag has been added, IgnorePaths. Using this flag, the files are placed in the root of the zip archive or in a custom root using the usual root parameter. Thanks to Adhemerval Zanella for suggesting this feature.


The OSDaB Project 2: a new experience. Cool title for an action-packed sci-fi film, right? Ok, let's be serious. The whole website has been updated and the index should now be more readable. Please contact me for any problems like broken links or buggy javascript ;)


Another bug has been fixed in the UnZip class. Some files located in the zip's root directory were being extracted in a directory with the same name of the file (thanks to Robert Keevil for reporting the bug).


The Zio/UnZip classes have been updated with some minor API changes, QIODevice support, better binary compatibility and no more issues with older compilers like Microsoft's VC++ 6 (thanks to Lorn Potter for telling me about this bug).


Fixed references to the Base64 class in XmlPreferences to reflect the changes in the Base64 API. Thanks to Alexander Saal for reporting the bug).


The OSDaB Project is reborn. With Movida getting its own project, The OSDaB project will now host code snippets, tips and tricks for C++ and Qt freaks. Feel free to submit your own code or send comments and suggestions. Qt 3 will no longer be supported and any remaining Qt 3 code will soon be ported to Qt 4.


The RatingLabel class has been ported to Qt 4. Some of the APIs changed to reflect the Qt 4 interface. A new XmlPreferences class has been added. It allows to store and load application settings to/from plain text XML files. A Qt3 version may be added in future or on your request.


The MD5 and SHA1 classes (both for Qt3 and Qt4) have been updated to enable hashing of byte arrays (QByteArray or const char*). The Zip package has been updated too. Lots of bugs have been fixed (compression and decompression should now work correctly :) and a new Qt4 port has been added. The source tarball for the Zip routines now contains a small command line example application.


Some of the old code snippets have been ported to Qt4 (no Qt3 support library is required).


File extraction has been fixed in the Zip package.


The OSDaB Project gets a new Developer's Corner section with some interesting tips and code snippets. Some example? What about a couple of classes to handle ZIP files from your application (pure C++ and Qt - almost everything written from scratch)? Need some hashing? MD5 and SHA1 should do it. Base 64 encoding or decoding? Want to write some XML? What about some nice widgets?

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